Stipened Internship Positions

farm crew- grows the food: We raise veggies, herbs, flowers and fruit, and about ¼ acre of high tunnel greenhouses (tomatoes in the summer and cold hardy greens all winter long). As a year round farm, we’ve got a lot to do, from greenhouse soilblocking and seeding to transplanting, cultivating, mulching, scouting, pruning, harvesting, cover cropping and maintaining tunnels and equipment. The farm crew also keeps the farm store stocked with produce and coordinates harvests for the kitchen and farmers markets.

kitchen magicians- cook it up: Our main products include: VT Goldburgers (carrot-curry veggie burgers), Hoomoos Zaatar (hummus) and garlic scape pesto. Much of our kitchen work is focused on preserving the farm's produce through canning, freezing and lactic ferments like kraut, pickles and kim chi. Wednesdays from June through September we host weekly Farm Night dinners, gourmet vegetarian farm to table feasts with live music and raucous dance parties. The farm kitchen also does catering and we occasionally take out the bread bus, our one of a kind wood fired oven built into a double decker bus.

bakers- turn it into bread: Bakery interns are trained to maintain starter cultures, mix, fold and help shape around 2000 loaves a week (plus croissants, cookies and pies). Our process relies on extremely slow fermentation- retarding dough in bulk tubs and then again in bannetons. We prepare starters at night and mix dough in the morning, loaves aren’t shaped until the evening and get baked the following morning. This 36 hour process helps develop beautiful structure, flavor and keeping quality and allows us to get some sleep. Interns go through mixing and shaping rotations and have opportunities to develop oven skills.

farmer's marketers- bring the food to the people: We attend 6 weekly farmers markets (mostly starting in May, though a few go year round). Good organizational skills, efficiency, aesthetic sensibility, and comfort with customers are all important. We are a well established presence at the markets, we’ve been vending at some of them for over 10 years, and our veggies, wood fired breads and prepared foods are loved in our communities. Feeding our neighbors what it’s all about!

Baristas & shopkeepers- feed the people who find the farm: We’ve had a self serve farm stand here for a while, but this year, we are opening a new café/farm store in a big sunny room right in front of the bakery. It will double as a gallery for visual art produced on the farm. It’ll be stocked with our veggies, breads, pastries and prepared foods, and of course we’ll be brewing up espresso (and tea) for customers and crew. This is an opportunity to help us create an awesome shop!

breadpackers/deliverers- pack it up & pack it in: We make wholesale deliveries 4 days/week and getting everything packed up and delivered is a big job. But spending an hour or two driving Vermont backroads delivering to general stores, farm stands and restaurants is actually fun.

construction crew- builds it up: We’ve been here at Earth Sky Time for almost 13 years, and not one of them has gone by without a major construction project. This season we’ll be building tiny houses out of recycled shipping containers, building a horse barn into a side hill and putting a timber-frame addition onto our main barn/performance space.