Earth Sky Time Bread

For a list of places you can buy our bread, check out the Where To Buy page. You can also drop by our farm anytime. If you'd like to see our bread in your local market, please give us a call.


A sourdough French peasant bread with a wide open crumb, flecks of coarse cornmeal and stone ground whole wheat, a touch of olive oil and a little extra sea salt.

Pain Rustique

Pain au Pavot is french for poppy seed bread. We roll our rustique loaves in poppy seeds and give them a dark bake.

Pain Au Pavot

Our Pugliese loaves coated with organic sesame seeds

sesame semolina

Classic italian durum semolina loaves. Rich slightly chewy yellow crumb and crackling dark crust. The traditional bread of the Puglia region of Italy.


The nutty goodness of toasted sunflower and our whole wheat levain.

sunflower levain

Our 100% stone ground whole wheat loaves are light and airy, with the flavor of fresh wheat, and a bit of acidity from the long fermentation.

whole wheat levain

Our multigrain loaves start with a levain dough made with 30% whole dark rye and 70% stone ground whole wheat. We add an equal amount of soaked grains (quinoa, millet, barley, bulgur, cracked corn, amaranth, sunflower, flax and sesame) we throw in a touch of turbinado sugar and sea salt and top the loaves with rolled oats.

multigrain sourdough

We take our multigrain dough and add organic dried apricots and raisins, cranberries, figs, dates and pineapples.

superfruity multigrain

Our version of the fougasse uses our 100% whole wheat levain dough rolled in a spice and seed mix consisting of: caraway, cumin, sesame, poppy, flax and coarse kosher salt

cumin nature fougasse

Our take on America's beloved sliced bread. Famous among sandwich aficionados throughout Southwestern VT.


This slightly more wholesome 100% whole wheat version is a family favorite.

whole wheat VOONDER BREAD

Kalamata olive and rosemary tapenade rolled into our semolina dough

olive rosemary

A semi traditional slightly dense rye loaf with a touch of caraway and blackstrap molasses

country rye boule

A collection of small ciabatta rolls made from each of our doughs topped with a variety of seeds.

dinner rolls

These baguettes are slightly more substantial and a bit more chewy than their thin crusted French cousins. We offer them 3 ways: plain, sesame, or fennel-poppy-sesame.

semolina baguettes

You guessed it, bagguettes made from our 100% whole wheat levain dough, available plain or rolled in poppy seeds.

whole wheat baguettes

Finally we offer you a non-gluten alternative. We make it by cooking loads of grains in our wood fired oven, we then mix the cooked grains with brown rice flour, corn meal, tapioca and potato starch, and a bit of yeast, salt, baking powder, and olive oil. Slices from these rich loaves chock full of grains are great toasted and even better pan fried! Not recomended for anyone who is severley allergic to gluten or wheat. But for those of you out there seeking the purported benefits of a gluten free diet or just trying to avoid gluten or wheat, give this loaf a try.

gluten free multigrain