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Earth Sky Time Community Hearth

=cool fougasse "multigrain" olive fresh bread at earth sky time

We've been baking bread at Earth Sky Time for almost 7 years. It started with a bread share as part of our CSA and it quickly evolved into baking for farmers markets. It wasn't untill 2011 when we built our wood burning Llopis Oven that our bread started to resemble the bread we were dreaming of. Since then it has gotten better and better. We now supply bread to more than a dozen stores and some of the finest restaurants in the area.

big breads

As we keep learning, we keep gaining respect for the subtle magic of bread. Throughout, we have been blessed with amazing friends who have shared in the journey, working hard and savoring the tangible reward of feeding south-western Vermont handmade, wholesome, crusty delicious fresh bread made from 100% organic grains.

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Here's Sarah sheeting croissant dough. Her croissants are made with sourdough starter, organic unbleached flour, and special high fat European style Cabot butter (who even thought there could be something called "high fat butter").

oliver llopis

Oliver is sweeping out the Llopis to prepare for baking. The entire hearth which measures 11.5 feet in diameter rotates by manually turning a wheel just to his left. The fire box and combustion dome are beneath the rotating hearth and the flue continues in a spiral above, surrounding the bread with heat from all directions. The oven itself weighs 40,000 lbs and the walls are a foot and a half thick, so there is a massive heat reservoir. To maintain the oven at a constant temperature of around 500 degrees we burn about two cords a month of pine slabwood, a byproduct from the local sawmill (notice the background photo on this page).

earth sky time's pain au pavot

Our whole wheat flour is grown, stone milled and delivered by Ben Gleason, a friend and organic grower in Addison County, VT. Much of the other flour we use comes from Munerie Millanaise in quebec. All our doughs are naturally leavened and slowly fermented to build deep complex flavor and excellent keeping quality.

earth sky time croissants at market

earth sky time bakery

Our Breads are available fresh daily from the farm, in season at the farmers markets, or at Nature's Market and New Morning Natural Foods in Manchester, Clear Brook Farm in Shaftsbury, Spice and Nice in Bennington, Winhall Market in Bondville, Bromley Market, Taylor Farm and Garden Market in Londonderry, Dorset Union and H.N. Williams' in Dorset. You can also enjoy our breads at many local restaurants including the Wilburton Inn, Copper Grouse, Silver Fork, Perfect Wife, Solo farm and Table, Bennington Station, Bennington College, and the Stratton Mountain Club. If you'd like to see our products at a store or restaurant near you, please let us know.