The Story of Earth Sky Time

Earth Sky Time

Earth Sky Time is a small organic farm and wood fired bakery in Manchester, Vermont. We are Bonnie and Oliver Levis and we are part of an amazing community of friends, interns, CSA members, and local eaters.

Our relationship began with an engagement ring carved from a potato and was destined to have vegetables in its future. Fast forward thirteen years and here we are settled into Earth Sky Time, the homestead that Albert (Oliver’s father) bought in 1972.

Our children (Guv, Talula and Eden) are the cream of the crop and while they do not exactly add to the efficiency of the business, they happen to be our very favorite distractions.

guv's fairy house eden helps

As our family has grown, so has our business. In 2011 we built our bakery and our Llopis oven. We now sell our produce, bread, VT Goldburgers, and Hoomoos at 4 local farmers markets, through our CSA, numerous coops, stores and restaurants in the area, and directly from the farm.

the team

We enjoy the hands on nature of working with food. We hear so much these days about restoring local food sovereignty and breaking free from the corporate stronghold on supermarket shelves. Well, here we are- happy people in a big house on a hill, feeding our little corner of the planet!

Bonnie, Oliver and the whole gang

the big white house